Alpha Teams refer to the various groups of Special Forces soldiers used by the United States government in order to contain outbreaks of Zombies in the early days of World War Z. Most of their missions and actions taken during this time remain classified.

Role and ActionsEdit

The primary purpose of the Alpha Teams was to act as a first response team in Zombie outbreaks. They would gather information when an outbreak was reported. They would send this information to the United States government to confirm whether or not it was a genuine Zombie outbreak. If confirmed they would isolate the target area and quickly eliminate any Zombies or infected humans. They were meant to be 100% covert so there are few eyewitnesses to their actions. As a result specifics are scarce but they were very successful in controlling early outbreaks, the Alpha Teams were described as "one of the most outstanding moments in the history of America's elite warriors." However they were only meant to buy time for the rest of the military to mobilize in force. Due to widespread anti-military sentiment they were unable to and the Zombies were able to increase their numbers faster than the Alpha Teams could handle. They did their jobs perfectly but the second phase of containing the outbreak was never implemented, undoing their success.